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It is very important to keep your skin healthy. The skin is the human body's largest organ. The skin is the body's first defense measure against infections and injuries. As skin is in constant contact with the environment, you should take proper care.

Skin plays a critical role in conveying the sense of feel, hence is the primary organ of sexual attraction and communication. The skin contains various types of sensory receptors, thus you can feel the sensations such as heat, pressure, cold, pain, etc. which are then transmitted to your Nervous system.

Functions of the Skin

  • Serves as a shield against infections and diseases.
  • Helps in regulating body temperature.
  • Helps you to feel the sensations such as heat, pressure, cold, pain, touch, vibration, etc.
  • Prevent germs and poisons from invading the body.
  • Helps in removing wastes from the body.
  • Prevents loss of body fluids.
  • Provides protection from ultraviolet radiations from the sun.
  • When exposed to sunlight, produces Vitamin D.

For people who want their skin to look good and youthful, there are a number of simple ways to do the same. Firstly, you should understand more about your skin.

Skin Types

It is very important for you to know your skin type so that its treatment can be done accordingly. Also for you to choose your cosmetics, you should know about your skin type so that you can take care of your skin correctly.


Skin Composition / Skin Structure

The skin is composed of three layers: The Epidermis, The Dermis, The Hypodermis (subcutaneous adipose layer)


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Skin Care